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Here are a few sites of particular interest to anyone interested in Damien Hirst:

White Cube Gallery The White Cube is Damien Hirst's London gallery. Run by Jay Joplin, it represents a large number of the 'yBa' artists of Hirst's generation. Joplin was central in the promotion of Hirst throughout his early career.
Gagosian Gallery

Larry Gagosian is Hirst's New York dealer. He also has galleries in London and Los Angeles. Gagosian is a major player in the international contemporary art market, and also represents a number of major contemporary artists.

The Saatchi Gallery Art collector and gallery owner Charles Saatchi's mounting, in the early 1990s, of a series of 'young British artists' shows was instrumental in Hirst's rise to prominence. Saatchi collected Hirst's work vigorously. It was Saatchi who commissioned the infamous 'shark in a tank of formaldehyde' (The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living) which has become Hirst's trademark work, and for a long time, the names of Hirst and Saatchi could hardly be uttered except together. Recently, however, Hirst and Saatchi have fallen out and Saatchi has sold much of his collection of Hirst's work. Unsurprisingly, then, there's not so much these days on the Saatchi Gallery website about Hirst, but it may still be of interest.
eyestorm Eyestorm is an online gallery which sells limited edition prints by contemporary artists. They have sold a number of Hirst prints, and here there's a certain amount of information about Hirst, and some images of his work.
Tate Gallery - Pharmacy Installation Site in conjunction with the installation of Hirst's 'Pharmacy' installation at the Tate Modern, London. Includes interactive panaorama of the exhibition.
Tate Gallery - In-a-gadda-da-vida Tate Gallery site in conjunction with the 2004 exhibition of Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas and Angus Fairhurst.
Tate Gallery - entry for the year Hirst won in their history of the Turner Prize The Tate's 'Turner Prize' is Britain's major yearly prize for contemporary art, and was won in 1995 by Damien Hirst. The yearly controversy in Britain's tabloid press over the Turner Prize has itself become something of an institution. You might also want to check out the 1992 entry, when Hirst was also shortlisted.

The Guardian online -

A series of excerpts from the book On the Way to Work, which consists of a series of interviews with Hirst by journalist Gordon Burn. These excerpts appeared in the Observer in 2001.
Guardian - latest on Hirst The Guardian has now got a page listing stories on Damien Hirst, You could check this to see what the latest stories are, and to look further into their archive of articles on him.
Channel 4 - Life and Death and Damien Hirst Website with information about Damien Hirst, produced by the British television company Channel 4 to coincide with a documentary about him run in 2000.
damienhirst.com This address used to belong to a very good Damien Hirst fan site, but was taken over by Damien Hirst himself. For quite some years already there has been a promise that an official site will be posted with "a comprehensive pictorial and written archive, details of current and forthcoming exhibitions, press information, photo library, bibliography, message board, Damien Hirst screen savers, audio/video footage." However, as of last check (2009), this has still not materialised.
"Damien Hirst" blog A satirical spoof blog, pretending to be by Damien Hirst. The site parodies Hirst's titles.
wikipedia entry on Damien Hirst Wikipedia has a fairly lengthy entry on Damien Hirst.
artchive.com article on Damien Hirst Information and images.
artyclopedia.com entry on Damien Hirst has information about collections with Hirst's work, auction prices, links to images, and other online articles and sites about Damien Hirst
Beautiful Inside my Head Sotheby's site for their Hirst auction of Sept 2008. Includes the auction results

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